Updated 25/1/2016

Yas.nz is operated by Logical IT Limited, a privately owned company in New Zealand. Hereinafter 'Logical IT'.
(I really just wanted to use the word 'hereinafter')

This policy explains how yas.nz handles information that is gathered when using the site. For additional information see the Terms and Conditions.

In this policy, "personal information" is per the Privacy Act 1993 (which is: information about an identifiable individual).

This is intended to be a simple, plain English explanation of what we do, if you have any queries please use the contact form to get in touch.

  1. What we collect and what is done with it

    The Personal Information we collect is limited to:

    • Name, which is just used to make emails sound a bit more personal and provide the profile link top right of the yas.nz window once you're logged in. There is no requirement for this to be your real name, it really is just for show.
    • Email address, which is used to send you alerts/notifications about your account, and the yas.nz service.
    • An Optional Phone number. This can be used to re-set your password should you not be able to get access to your email for some reason and in the case where you do not have an email address on a '.nz' domain it is used to validate that you are in fact in New Zealand. (Or that you have access to someone's mobile number in New Zealand, but that's a whole other thing).
    • Activity / site logs. If you are logged in, some actions are recorded in a log file yas.nz uses to find faults and performance problems within the site. It's pretty boring to read, but it's here to read if you want.

    Logical IT will not sell, rent or otherwise share your Personal information with any third party. Logical IT Limited will however produce any or all information and server/site logs if requested by law enforcement in New Zealand, or if Logical IT receives a formal request from authorities in New Zealand who are co-operating with those in other jurisdictions.

  2. Link Privacy

    Unless required to do so by law Logical IT will not disclose the details of a user who added a link to our site, but that link once it is created is inherently public.

    Just to repeat, and be very clear, what this site does is make shortened versions of long URLs / web links public.

    Let's be clear: links created using yas.nz are not private.

  3. Managing your Personal Information

    The Privacy Act gives you the right to access and correct your information; All of the Personal Information stored on yas.nz is available in the 'Profile' page.

    If you want your account to be permanently deleted please use the contact form (while logged in to verify it's you) and this will be done promptly.

    Note that deleting a user account does not automatically delete links created by that user. See the terms and conditions page for more information

    The site keeps a summary log of what you've done, you can also view that log from the link your user profile page, or here.

  4. Cookies, tracking and other technical mumbo-jumbo

    yas.nz uses cookies to keep you logged in and to store some settings for the website. At this time New Zealand does not have a 'cookie law' requiring this to be notified automatically when you visit the site and it's annoying when sites do that anyway.

    Logical IT does not provide access to the cookie state information to any third parties via an API or other cross-site technology.

    Logical IT uses Google analytics to get anonymous site statistics for yas.nz and produce pretty graphs.

    If you have a Google login you can opt-out of having your traffic recorded by Google Analytics, believe it or not, but does anyone really do that?
    See: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

  5. Updates this policy

    From time to time Logical IT might update this policy but it's really unlikely as we don't collect much Personal Information.

    If a change does happen that changes what we collect or how information is shared with a third party an email will be sent to all registered users before the changes any such implemented.

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