Back to the news page... 4th Feb '16

The announcement email says it all really:

Hi-ho folks,

This email is going to all the folks who had access to or were 
invited to test that website back in 2009, along with a couple of folks 
who were testing for me.

This is the last email you'll receive about either website if you don't 
log into

In a nutshell: is now redirecting to

All of the old links to are still working, but if you want to 
add any more links you'll need to log into

You can log into by using the 'I forgot my password' on the login 
page here:

The only real change with the site is that it's now open to register new 
accounts, apart from that it's the same thing re-written from scratch so 
it's not a hairball of unsupportable code running on old unsupportable 
versions of PHP and mysql. :-)

The old stats / graphs that were on the site for a long time are missing 
in action for the moment, but all of the old logs and stats are hidden 
in the back end and will return once I get some bugs out of the pretty 
new reporting code.

Cheers, Chris H.
Logical IT Limited

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