Unless you've been living under a rock you know that spam, phishing and malware are huge problems on the Internet.

To avoid becoming part of that problem we use a couple of commercial domain 'blacklists' and some real-time spam/UCE filters for links that get shrunk on the site.

We also block a few hundred porn and offensive domains to avoid being the 'middle man' in delivering folks to sites they didn't expect to see.

If you've tried to add a link you believe shouldn't be blocked let us know via the Contact page and we might white-list the domain if it's clearly blocked in error.

We also require valid formed URLS, https:// and http:// included. We will not shrink links to other protocols at this stage. (ftp:// etc)

Oh, and we also wont let you shrink links that are to other link shrinkers, or are already short URL's to start with. Multi-hop redirects are just silly, and why would you shrink an already nice short link?

yas.nz does not send emails to anyone who is not a user, and then very rarely!

We provide a link shrinker / redirection service.

If you received a spam email with a link in it using our service please forward the email to abuse@yas.nz or use our Contact Form to send the details and we will check it out and will disable the link and disable the users account that created the link if it's breaches our Terms and Conditions. We have a zero-tolerance of UCE / SPAM.

For the yas link that looks like: https://yas.nz/abc simply put a '+' on the end so it looks like: https://yas.nz/abc+ and you'll get some information about the link.

When we started to re-write lngz.org in late 2015 the decision was made to to look at a New Zealand domain, and yas.nz was short, and catchy.

This site is effectively a private test / development tool, and only a couple of users has ever added links apart from myself so I didn't feel so bad about letting the old domain lapse about 2018.

It's probably not a frequent question yet!

Drop us your question via the Contact Form and we'll try to get back to you within a day or two

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